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During these unprecedented times facing the Covid-19 pandemic, we found ourselves so blessed to be in the comfort of our own homes while others (specifically medical professionals) are risking their own health and safety, and that of their families, for our community. We felt called to do something tangible to help THEM, and out of this Food for the Frontlines Dallas was born. Similar efforts are being done in other communities around the country and in Texas.!

The foreseeable future will be very important for our healthcare system with the doctors, nurses and other medical staff working tirelessly and often times with little or no time to rest or eat. Through your generosity, Food for the Frontlines Dallas, working in conjunction with our local restaurants also struggling to stay afloat, will provide individually packaged meals to the frontline healthcare professionals in our community's hospitals who are risking so much to care for those with Covid-19. As a result, Food for the Frontlines Dallas will be providing support on two fronts, two birds with one stone so to speak, helping both our local restaurants and our "frontline" medical professionals.

Food for the Frontlines Dallas would love your support as we continue our mission. You may donate below via check (preferred), Venmo or PayPal. All donations will go to purchase and deliver the meals.

This idea began as homespun and comes straight from our hearts. We are blessed beyond measure by our homes, schools, health and our community and wanted to find a simply way to help in a tangible way. Thank you for joining us in these efforts.

To make a donation today please makes checks out to:
Food for the Frontlines Dallas
4414 Lorraine Ave., Dallas TX 75205

You may also donate via Paypal at:

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With love and thankfulness,

Nina & Ryan Bell
Hannah & Searcy Ferguson
Cindy Stager
Catherine & Daniel Traylor


While our original goal was to feed 40 to 50 healthcare workers (2 to 3 meals) by the end of our first week, due to the tremendous need and the generosity of our donors, we provided meals for lunch, dinner, breakfast and late-night shifts to over 550 frontline healthcare workers our first weekend at Parkland and Clements UTSW. We want to thank our partners so far Rafas, New York Subs and Angela's Cafe for their amazing assistance and partnership.


What an amazing second week! We delivered over 795 lunches and breakfasts to Parkland Hospital and Clements UTSW! This included a special surprise Easter treat of mini bundt cakes. Thank you to our amazing restaurant partners Angela's Cafe, The Cookshack - Ft. Worth, Nothing Bundt Cakes - Oaklawn Ave., Texasdelphia and Wendy Krispin Caterer for delivering the meals!

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We are a non-profit corporation incorporated in the state of Texas and have filed with the IRS for a 501(c)3. We are operating in good faith as a charity per IRS guidelines. Upon approval of our 501(c)3 application, all donations made back to the date of our formation will retroactively be granted tax deductible status.